Welcome to our price list. .I would like to explain a couple of things. We are not a "MAIL ORDER" company. We are a full service organization. Most of our business is racer support but I am an internet junky so I started this site. You can call us and we will give you information and options, You will not be dealing with a salesman you will be speaking to me. Come by our shop (appointment only) with your wheels and we will put the tires on and balance them for you free. We do not sell "SECONDS" of any kind. Try getting that from a "MAIL ORDER" company.

Availability and Shipping Dates

We stock tires! We keep in excess of 500 tires in stock. We will tell you when it will ship and when you should receive your tires. If something is not in stock we will not accept an order ( no shopping carts here). And now for the fine print. Credit Card orders generally shipped same day if in by noon. Checks are accepted with a 10 day hold for clearing. Residents of Texas must add 8.25% sales tax.

Michelin and Bridgestone tire prices are as listed. Freight is $10.00 per tire to the lower 48

Michelin Power Cup EVO DOT tires Power Cup EVO 120/70ZR17 front; $165.00
Power Cup EVO 180/55ZR17 rear: $220.00
Power Cup EVO 190/55ZR17 rear: $225.00
Power Cup EVO 200/55ZR17 rear: $233.00

Michelin Power Slick EVO
Power Slick EVO 120/70ZR17 front; $185.00 Power Slick EVO 190/55ZR17 rear: $235.00
Power Slick EVO 200/55ZR17 rear: $245.00

Michelin Power SuperMoto Power SuperMoto 12/60-17 front: $198.00
Power SuperMoto 120/75-16.5 $220.00
Power SuperMoto 120/80R16 $229.00 Power SuperMoto 160/60R17 $249.00

Michelin Rains
Power SuperMoto Rain 12/60-17 front: $198.00
Power SuperMoto Rain 160/60-17 $249.00
Power Rain 120/60-17 $195.00
Power Rain 19/69-17 $250.00
12/60-420(16.5)rain front with 19/69-420(16.5) rain rear; $250.00

Bridgestone DOT R10 Type 3/4(Med/Soft) 120/70ZR17 front; $140.00
R10 Type3 180/55ZR17 rear: $200.00
R10 Type3 190/55ZR17 rear: $210.00
RS10 140/70ZR17 rear: $175.00
RS10 150/60ZR17 rear: $175.00

Bridgestone Slicks
V02 Soft/Med 120/600-17 front; $170.00
YCY Med 125/600-17 Front; 170.00
YCY Med 165/600-17 Rear; 205.00
VO1 Soft/Med 190/650-17 Rear; 245.00
VO2 Soft/Med 200/650-17 Rear; 245.00
GP3 Soft/Med 90/580-17 Front; 135.00
GP3 Soft/Med 120/600-17 Front; 165.00

Bridgestone Rains
WO1F Rain 110/590-17 front: $150.00
WO1F Rain 120/600-17 front: $175.00
WO1R Rain 140/620-17 rear: $180.00
WO1R Rain 165/630-17 rear; $190.00
WO1R Rain 190/650-17 rear: $220.00
WO1F GP3 Rain 90/580-17 front: $150.00
WO1R GP3 Rain 120/595-17 rear: $170.00

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