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We do not take orders directly off of the internet.

Now I will explain why.

Tires are one of, if not the most critical choice you can make concerning your safety and your motorcycles performance. You need to talk to a professional who can give you valid information which you may use to make an informed tire choice. A tire selecting program is a nice place to start but they do not take your specific needs into account.

An Example:

1999  Suzuki GSXR 750
Front wheel size, 17 X 3.5

Possible Tire Choices
120/70ZR17 Pilot Sport
120/70ZR17 Pilot Power

120/70ZR17 Pilot Race 2
120/70ZR17 Power Race
120/70ZR17 Pilot Road

Rear wheel size, 17 X 6.0

Possible Tire Choices
180/55ZR17 Pilot Sport
180/55ZR17 Pilot Race 2
180/55ZR17 Pilot Power
190/50ZR17 Pilot Sport
190/50ZR17 Pilot Race 2
180/55ZR17 Pilot Road
190/50ZR17 Pilot Road
190/50ZR17 Pilot Power


On this one Motorcycle Michelin provides the above listed tire choices. All of the tires will do something better than the others in a given situation.

We want you to chose the best tire for YOU the first time. Please call us or fill out the questions form and we will talk about the tire that best suits you and your motorcycles needs.

Also there is a 10% restocking fee.
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